Photo Credit: Sanjiv Nayak via Unsplash

Consistency trumps everything in marketing.

Today, I’d like to demystify marketing for you.

Pick a strategy, any strategy.

If you were to pick a single strategy — for example, attending startup-related events in your city — and stick with it for two years, you would get new freelance clients.

But consistent exposure is different.

The goldfish way of thinking ignores how people actually behave. Think about this because it is true in your life.

Why did she wait five months?

I have no clue. Perhaps she forgot. Perhaps she needed to save her money for more important purchases. Perhaps an upcoming trip gave her a new sense of urgency about saving money on travel.

  • Technology and overexposure have killed our attention span.
  • You’ve only got eight seconds to grab attention.
  • If you don’t grab attention right then, you have lost.
  • Real people — as opposed to cardboard cutouts — do give second, third, and seventy-seventh chances.
  • Marketers do make mistakes, and people in their target audience forgive them.

Do you want to get serious about your marketing today?

A good next step is to use my “Attracting Better Clients” worksheet to rethink your marketing and to start connecting with the freelance clients you actually want—that is, the ones who will pay you what you’re worth.

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