The One Tiny Thing You Can Do Today to Succeed Faster

Why? Why do we hate to ask?

“There will be prizes.”

I called my way from A to Z.

My optimism could blind me to obstacles.

The thing is, I won.

  • Most Likely to Put Down His Glove and Chase Butterflies in Right Field
  • Most Likely to Sit Down in the Grass and Hunt for Four-Leaf Clovers During Gameplay
  • Most Likely to Win the Game by Being Hit by the Ball
  1. My team needed one run to win the game.
  2. I was up to bat.
  3. Due to my batting average, no one expected a real hit.
  4. My parents knew that I wanted to help my team and that, if I struck out, I would be disappointed and embarrassed.
  5. My parents didn’t want me to be disappointed and embarrassed.
  6. The pitcher hit me in the head.
  7. Because I was wearing a helmet, I wasn’t actually hurt.
  8. Because I wasn’t hurt, my parents were relieved.
  9. Because getting hit resulted in an automatic walk, I got on base.
  10. Because I got on base, I drove in the winning run.
  11. Because I drove in the winning run, I wouldn’t be disappointed and embarrassed.
  12. Because I wasn’t hurt, disappointed, or embarrassed, my parents were doubly relieved.

“Good things go to people who ask.”

If you want to succeed, ask for help.

Are you as successful as you want to be?



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Austin L. Church

Austin L. Church


Writer, Brand Consultant, Freelance Coach | I teach freelancers how to stack up specific advantages for more income, free time, fun 🌴